The Banshees Of Inisherin: Talk To Your Friends, Don’t Let It Get To This Point

Written by Luke Barnes


A friendship breaks down in rural Ireland.

I thought that this film was just the right amount of funny and sad, and shows how Martin McDonagh finally has his light side and his dark side under control, near perfect tonal balance.

The paring of Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson works tremendously well and the two play off each other really well. Additionally Kelly Condon and Barry Keoghan add a nice flavour to the film and do make their presence known despite only having relatively small roles. There is a lot of depth to both the world and the characters that inhabit it within this film.

I found the film to be quite funny, it made me laugh several times, however, I will say that the humour didn’t always land and sometimes the elevation and ramping up of the drama between the two men just felt silly rather than earned. Perhaps this was a deliberate intent to reinforce the futility of the feud to begin with, but rather than not I feel like a few of the twists and turns within the narrative are shoved in for cheap shock value, and that is to the films detriment.

Overall, a funny and well done film, that does border on the ridiculous at times



Farrell and Gleeson

It is funny

The characters feel deep and the world feels aching to be explored

The supporting cast also have moments to shine


The escalation at times feels done for shock value rather than in service of the story

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