Feed Me: One Hell Of A Memorable Way To Go Out


Written by Luke Barnes


After suffering a loss a man, sinks into the abyss and allows a cannibal to eat him.

I thought this film was a strong dark comedy, usually I find myself fairly mixed on the genre as they can never nail the tone of their enterprise with it either being too comedic or too dramatic and dark, however this film I feel nailed the tone perfectly.

Despite the heavier elements I found this film to be quite funny and it had me laughing a lot as I was watching it. I wouldn’t say it was a laugh a minute but it was funnier than most. The inherent comedic silliness to deciding death by cannibal works well in this films favour and makes it a lot of fun to watch.

The performances across the board are all also strong, there was no one I could point to as letting the side down everyone shone. My one criticism of this film would be that it has a very slow opening act that drags the film back, however, once past that these issues soon clear up.

Overall, a lot of fun.


The comedy

The tone

The ending

The performances


A very slow first act

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