Cheaper By The Dozen 2: Sweet Easily Becomes Sickly.

Cheaper By The Dozen 2 is a family comedy film directed by Adam Shankman, it serves as a sequel to the previous Cheaper By The Dozen film. The plot this time sees the Bakers head to a lakeside getaway where they get into a fierce competition with another family and only one can win.

This film is by far the worst of The Dozen movies, it has no charm. The less than stellar stuff in the first film you could overlook because it had heart and it made you smile but the same can’t be said for this film. In this instalment we see that Tom (Steve Martin), is actively a bad father, he doesn’t care about his family and just uses them to prove that he is better than the rival father. Whatsmore the worldview and messages of this film feel about 50 years behind the times.

Another thing I didn’t like about this film was the sickly-sweet ending. The baby being named Tom after Steve Martin’s character didn’t hit me in the feels, unlike when the family welcomed back its runaway member in the first film, this time it just made me roll my eyes. It is too sweet to the point that it becomes irritating.

There is some fun to be had, if you can ignore everything else wrong with it. Basically it is just more of the same but done worse with clearly less effort.

Ultimately this film proves that not everything needs a sequel, this certainly didn’t.


More of the same if that is a good thing to you.

Some of the jokes land, but most don’t.


Questionable messages.

A strange perviness in a wandering camera.

It doesn’t justify its existence.

The ending is cringeworthy.


Reviewed by Luke  

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