Central Intelligence: The Better Kevin Hart Team Up Film

Central Intelligence is an action comedy film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The plot sees high school hot shot turned depressed cubical worker Calvin (Kevin Hart), reconnect with the bullied outcast of his high school Robbie (Dwayne Johnson). Unlike anything Calvin would have ever guess Robbie is now shredded and going by the name Bob Stone. Bob is also being hunted by the CIA. Calvin gets dragged into Robbie’s mess.

This, this is what Ride Along should have been. It is much better done, much more nuanced (yes really), and much funnier.

The characters both feel fleshed out developed, through Calvin we explore what it means to peak in high school and then become trapped in your life, and with Bob we explore what it means to be this big action hero type who is still plagued by high school insecurity. These are interesting ideas and themes to think about, way more so than anything in either of the Ride Along films and both characters are done justice. You go on a journey with them.

The comedy is also more well thought out, Hart is not just screaming and jumping around here, I mean he is a little, but his character is written in a much smarter way and thought the jokes can stem a towards low brow they still feel suitably mature when compared to other contemporaries.

I thought the Rock really did a good job with this one, his arc about being bullied and having self esteem issues spoke to me and was touching, I really enjoyed how they ended things with his character.

Overall, much better than I was expecting it to be, surprisingly heartfelt and well done.


Dwayne Johnson

The self-esteem arc

The characters felt fleshed out and well considered

It was funny


It does not need to be on for almost two hours


Reviewed by Luke

Ride Along: The Angriest Man In The World

Ride Along is a buddy cop, comedy film directed by Tim Story. The plot follows Ben (Kevin Hart), an avid gamer who dreams of becoming a police officer and making his fiancé proud. One day said fiancé tasks Ben with winning her brother’s approval, so they can wed. The issue is that her detective brother James (Ice Cube), doesn’t think Ben is good enough for his sister. In an effort to see what Ben is made of James invites him on a ride along.

So, I have recently been going through the filmography of Kevin Hart, this is the third movie of his I have seen to date. Sadly unlike Night School and Get Hard, this one isn’t very good.

The issue with this film doesn’t lie with Hart however, he is mostly funny throughout. It is his on-screen foil that I find weakens this film. The buddy cop formula works when both characters are very different and are at odds with each other but are forced to work together, and though that is the case here it just doesn’t work.

Yes, James is the antiphrasis of Ben, but other than that he doesn’t feel like a character. The only emotion Ben seems to feel for the whole film is anger, I get that is the bit, but even still it makes the character feel very one note and cliché. He is the brother in law cliché, as well as the overprotective brother cliché to a tee and not much beyond that. Even when he is supposed to be happy, he comes across as angry- though maybe that is the result of Ice Cube’s lack of acting ability.

Overall, good for a few laughs, but the dynamic just doesn’t work.



The videogame stuff

A few laughs to be had


Most of the jokes don’t land

The buddy cop dynamic doesn’t work

Ice Cube feels miscast


Reviewed by Luke

Get Hard: What Is Your Mad Dog Face?

Get Hard is a comedy film directed by Etan Cohen. The plot follows James (Will Ferrell), an investment banker who is so rich he is almost untouchable, then one day he gets arrested for fraud. The industry giant is brought down, and his friends desert him. Faced with a long jail sentence he hires car wash attendant Darnell (Kevin Hart), to teach him how to survive prison; after James’ assumes based on Darnell’s race that he must have been to prison at some point in his life.

I must admit I am a new convert to Hart, but so far both of the comedy films I’ve seen him in have been very funny; this being the second. I think Hart’s pairing with Will Ferrell works well, they play off each other strongly and the race-based humour, which pokes fun at James’s inherent racism, feels both rewarding and also enlightening.

Though the comedy often skewed towards the low brow and the crude, I still found myself laughing. It was gross out, but not to the point of being off putting.

I thought though the story was predictable I liked where it went and thought that the film had the right amount of heart. I thought the friendship between James and Darnell felt not only real but earned.

Overall, a funny comedy film that never allowed my face to be without a smile.


It is funny

Hart and Ferrell are a strong paring

The friendship feels earned by the end

It has many memorable moments


It does go too low a few times and is quite predictable.


Reviewed by Luke

The Heat: Paul Feig Pulls Off The Impossible Again

The Heat is a buddy cop comedy film directed by Paul Feig. The plot follows uptight FBI agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock), as she is forced to work with unsavoury, unconventional beat cop Mullin’s (Melissa McCarthy). You guessed it, the two polar opposites learn a little from the other and become more rounded people and friends along the way.

So, yes the premise is uninspired and has been done one million times before, there is very little about this film that feels truly original. The plot is predictable and goes the way you would expect it to, there are no surprises, but this was never going to be that kind of film.

What impress me about this film is that Feig managed to do the impossible twice, the impossible being making Melissa McCarthy funny. Here McCarthy actually has quite a lot of funny moments and jokes that seem thought out, rather than just oh look she feel over, or oh look something about poo; maybe McCarthy should stop making films with her husband and only make comedy films with Feig, cleaning up her poor filmography.

The buddy cop dynamic between Bullock and McCarthy works well and they are each a good foil to the other, Bullock particularly handles the comedy well and manages to keep pace with McCarthy.

Overall, Paul Feig manages to make McCarthy funny which is no mean feat. If the plot was a little more original and a little less familiar I would be giving it top marks, but as is, it is okay.


The dynamic between the leads

McCarthy and Bullock are both funny

The jokes are funny and smart


It is so familiar

It is too long


Reviewed by Luke   

Daddy’s Home: Having A Laugh At Male Infertility

Daddy’s Home is a comedy film directed by Sean Anders. The plot sees Brad (Will Ferrell), a new stepfather who just wants to be loved by his wife’s kids, become forced out of the picture as his wife’s much more handsome and assertive ex husband Dusty (Mark Wahlberg), remerges on the scene.

So, I always enjoy the Ferrell Wahlberg dynamic on screen, even if it is lesser when compared to Ferrell and Riley, however here it goes past the point of being funny. Keep in mind a lot of my issues with this film stem from its humour which is entirely subjective.

This film feels like an extension of the Other Guys which also stared both leads, the comedy is very similar, however there it felt like a good back and forth, here it just feels mean spirited. This film goes blue several times with the humour going places that I thought was a little needless. Call Ferrell’s character a “pussy”, sure but don’t make fun of the fact he is infertile it just leaves a bad taste.

On the writing front this is an incredibly generic comedy, there must be thousands of others like it that treat the premise with more of a clever take. You can accurately predict this film scene by scene before you have even seen it, and this obviousness makes the film boring in the long term.

Overall, despite having a few good laughs the humour mostly leaves a bad taste in your mouth and this film will go down as yet another miss for Ferrell.


One or two laughs

The ending with John Cena


The humour is mean spirited

The characters are oddly inconsistent

The story is laughably predictable

Reviewed by Luke   

Girls Trip: Pissing In The Street

Girls Trip is a comedy film directed by Malcom D. Lee. The plot sees four friends reunite for a trip to New Orleans, whilst there sparks fly, and friendships are tested.

The core group of actors have a strong on-screen chemistry, Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith all have great banter between them. If I had to pick a personal favourite character it would probably be Smith’s Lisa, I enjoyed her timid begining which quickly gave way into a wild party animal; I also thought she had all the best jokes. Sadly, Tiffany Haddish stood out as a weak link and didn’t quite sell the emotion and the drama as the other characters did, her character Dina seemed fairly one note.

The plot was fairly predictable and standard, you will have seen plenty of other films just like this; it is nothing new. That said, I thought it was quite wholesome to watch and I enjoyed its friendship focus, it reminded me of Like A Boss in a few of the ways it treated grown up friendship; though I think that film did it better.

The comedy was hit or miss for me, I only found myself actually laughing a few times, more often it was the odd smile here and there. Jokes like when Lisa broke her young lovers dick worked for me and made me laugh, but often I found the humour to be too safe and studio feeling, or too gross out; yes I am talking about the wee scene.

Overall, a nice watch that I didn’t find hugely funny or engaging, but for a one-off watch it was okay.


The leads all have strong chemistry

Some of the jokes are funny


Some of the jokes fall flat

Tiffany Haddish stands out for the wrong reasons

Very standard fare


Reviewed by Luke

Game Over, Man: Getting Your Dick Out For A Cheap Laugh

Game Over, Man! Is a comedy film directed by Kyle Newacheck. The plot follows three hotel house keepers who get caught up in a hostage situation, they must find a way to save the day and get an investor for their videogame.

So this stars the Workaholic guys, Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, and this film is basically like a feature length episode of that show; though they are in no official way related. The sad truth, however, would be if this was an episode of that show it would be one of the weaker ones.

The humour is nothing new and feels played out right from the start. You have jokes about one character being in the closet and not releasing that his friends know he is gay, which feel about 10 years out of date and other jokes where one of the characters just gets his dick out for some reason; this feels especially desperate.

The characters themselves and those around them are also paper thin and have nothing to make them feel like actually people and not just poorly written clichés.

Overall, this dumb, lazy and unfunny. Despite not being related it tarnishes the reputation of the Workaholic boys and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for a while after.


It is only on for an hour and a half

It is watchable


It is lazy, the characters aren’t more than clichés

The jokes feel outdated and worse desperate

It is painfully unfunny

It feels like an hour and a half of your life that you are not getting back


Reviewed by Luke  

Magicians: Peep Show, But With Magic

Magicians is a comedy film directed by Andrew O’ Connor. The plot sees a pair of former magicians who used to be partners face off against each other in a magic competition in a chance to return to the big time.

So, I bought this because it claimed to have some involvement of one of the Peep Show writers and because Peep Show is such a terrific series, one of the best ever made, I picked it up. Was I disappointed? Yes and no, it is by no means as good or as funny as Peep Show, but at the same time the Mitchell, Webb dynamic is as strong as ever and it is very watchable.

To follow up, the reason why this film is elevated beyond mediocrity for me is the back and forth begrudging friendship between Harry (David Mitchell) and Karl (Robert Webb). Mitchell and Web are one of the best comedy double acts in the history of comedy and that is proven clearly here, though they receive some ample support from some other funny people.

The humour for me was on the weaker side, some jokes worked some didn’t. Comedy is subjective of course, but I found myself smiling more than laughing with this film which doesn’t mean its bad, but it also doesn’t mean it’s good. Disappointing.


Mitchell and Webb

The supporting cast

It is very watchable


Disappointing for long-time fans

The humour is hit and miss


Reviewed by Luke

The Last Boy Scout: Back When Bruce Willis Cared

The Last Boy Scout is an action movie directed by Tony Scott. The plot follows disgraced secret serviceman Joe (Bruce Willis), as he uncovers a conspiracy that covers everything from professional football to the Government.

This film reminded me what a Bruce Willis action movie could be, he has such a great presence and can play the hardboiled hero character better than anyone else. The amount of chemistry he has with Damon Wayne’s cant be stressed enough either, they’re a great duo. The sad thing is though that this film reminded me just how far Willis has fallen.

Outside of the acting this film is a mixed bag for me, there are plenty of great action moments that are super cool and instantly epic, but there are also a lot of moments that just come across as needless, vulgar and frankly off-putting. I won’t harp on about it for too long as I know the 90’s was a different time, but there is some quite unpleasant stuff in this.

Overall, if dumb action is what you want then look no further, it is a spectacle of explosions, loud noises and witty one liners, I was entertained for the most part and I am sure you will be too. However, if you’re looking for something deeper this film won’t be for you, I only watched it a few nights ago and the plot is so weak I have almost entirely forgotten it, also the language used is quite tasteless at times so if you’re easy offended then again look away.


Great action

The Willis Wayne dynamic

The one liners


Very outdated

The plot is non-existent


Reviewed by Luke     

Chips: A 21st Century Frankenstien

Chips is an action comedy film directed by Dax Shepard; it serves as a revival of the classic TV series of the same name. The plot sees two troubled officers of the law become entangled in a web of betrayal, lies and a surprisingly large amount of sex. The two mismatched detectives must find out who the bag guy is and stop them, but first they must learn to trust each other.

This film is somewhat of a head scratcher, not because it is deep or clever, no, the reason it is confusing is because the usually bad Dax Shepard is actually somewhat okay and enjoyable, and the always loveable Michael Pena is strangely hateable. A strange turn of events and one that may or may not have been deliberate.

I don’t think anyone was asking for this film, the brand was forgotten, but clearly the people behind the scenes thought this could be the next 21 Jump Street; sadly they were wrong, very wrong. Unlike the aforementioned cop comedy, there is no charm here, the jokes feel dated and juvenile; I think I might have laughed once in the whole runtime of the film.

All of the characters barring Shepard’s are deeply unlikable, you don’t care about them at all and when they’re endanger the outcome doesn’t really affect you one way or the other. The one positive thing this film does is it makes you like Dax Shepard. He was heavily involved in making it, so this is almost certainly intentional, but his is the only character in the entire film that we as the audience warm to.

Overall, this feels very needless, it has the sensibilities of a teenager, but isn’t shocking enough to capture their attention. This film really makes you question what goes through the heads of Hollywood executives.


Dax Shepard.

One or two laughs.


All the other characters.

The humour feels icky and a little over the top at times.

I just didn’t care in the end.


Reviewed by Luke