Rams: Shaun The Sheep’s Depressing Cousin

Written by Luke Barnes

Rams is an Australian comedy drama film directed by Jeremey Sims. The plot sees two ram breeder brothers, long estranged, come together to save their way of life when all of their livestock catches a deadly disease.

I think once again this is a classic example of miscategorisation, I don’t know if it is a national sense of humour that I just don’t get but this to me is in no way a comedy film. If you find scenes of animals being put down and then a mass burning grave of said animals anything other than wildly depressing then I am worried for you.

As such the film did not meet my expectations but viewed as a dramatic piece then it is a different conversation. I think as a drama film about the plight of farmers and how easily they can lose it all, this film has real merit. The film goes out of its way to really highlight the bond between these men and their animals as well as the bond between them as people. I found myself caring a lot about the characters as the film went on.

I thought Sam Neil was damn near perfect in the lead role, and this film proves to be yet another impressive feather in his cap.

Overall, miscategorised, this is not a comedy film, but it is a surprisingly emotional drama.


Sam Neill

The emotions

The cinematography


It is distressing

It is deeply depressing


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Wolf Creek: The Australian Micheal Myers

Wolf Creek is an Australian horror thriller film directed by Greg Mclean. The plot follows a group of tourists that become targeted by a demented xenophobic serial killer who hunts them down with the intent to kill them. This film was based on a series of real-life backpacker murders that happened in Australia a few years before the film was released.

In horror circles, this film has a reputation, it is held up as being a great slasher film and one of the best Australian horror films. However when I put it on I was incredibly disappointed with it. I thought it was boring and that it couldn’t hold a candle to other Australian horror gems like The Babadook and Boar.

I thought the only redeemable thing about this film is John Jarrett. Jarrett is an Australian national treasure and his involvement with this is the thing that got me excited for it. He plays the evil killer Mick Taylor and he gives the best performance he can, he is manic and off the wall and his character is the only really memorable part of this film.

My issues start with the fact that this film is boring, there is only about 10 minutes of it that are actually interesting and watchable. This film suffers from some of the worst pacing issues I have seen in a long time, the first act is a chore to get through and makes you want to turn it off and it doesn’t pick up until the last 10 minutes; even they aren’t worth the wait.

The characters are bland and forgettable and the based on true story bent to it has been done to death and this film is not doing anything new or interesting with it.

Overall, this film is a bore and one that is a test of strength to finish


John Jarrett.


It is boring.

It does nothing new with the format.

The characters are paper thin.

It takes a lot to finish it.


Reviewed by Luke