The Last Of Us: Look For The Lights

Written by Luke Barnes


Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, and Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, reach the end of their journey.

So this episode wasn’t shocking for me as I knew it was coming, when Ramsey took to social media to say the final would be divisive I was expecting something shocking but in reality it was just the ending of the game most people picked, to save Ellie.

When Joel goes on his rampage and guns down most of the fireflies in order to get Ellie out the show clearly wants to frame it through the lens of look at what a brutal, and possibly even unjust, thing he is doing, however, this doesn’t work for me as I agree with Joel and picked this ending in the game. A parent would watch the world burn as long as their child was safe.

I also question the merit in having the season finale be one of the shortest episodes of the show, if not the shortest. I think the episode does have somewhat of a rushed feel to it and could have gone into more of the life of Ellie’s mother, played by Ashley Johnson, or could have shown more of Joel and Ellie in the aftermath of the hospital bloodbath as they deal with what happened.

Overall, whilst still good this was probably one of the weakest episodes of the show.

PS. I think this might be where I leave the show, as if they do a second season that adapts the second game I don’t want to watch it unless they make some pretty major changes.



Joel rampage

The emotions

Pascal’s acting throughout

Saving Ellie


It was too short

I disagreed with how the show framed things

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