Left Behind: Cage Turns To Jesus

Written by Luke Barnes


Nicolas Cage makes a faith film.

So like many of the Pure Flix films, this isn’t one, that you might have seen this film spends an awful lot of time trying to instil in you the message that we as a species have become too sinful and by turning away from God he is going to smite us. So much, so repetitive, it is as though the Christian crowd doesn’t seem to realise you can’t scare people into believing.

In many senses you can guess where this film is going and it doesn’t deviate from that in anyway. It feels incredibly preachy and doesn’t have much fun with its end times scenario. Just once I would like to see an End Times film that is a comedy, someone needs to make that.

Usually I would say that Nicolas Cage can save any film he is in and whilst that is true, here he doesn’t do much. Which is a real shame. I would guess that this may be one of the films made during the time whilst Cage was badly in debt and in dire need of cash to keep the tax man off his back because surely he didn’t believe in this film or think that it would make for a good role, it is sickeningly over the top Christian propaganda.

Overall, one has to question is the Christian film market big enough to prop up all these terrible films?



It is unintentionally hilarious

It makes for a fun drinking game


Cage can’t save it

Pacing issues

It is incredibly preachy

It is predictable

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