Black Sea: Life Below The Russian Navy

Written by Luke Barnes


A crew of recently fired sailors try and engage in some deep sea salvage to disastrous consequences.

I really ended up enjoying this film, though there are many action thriller films with similar premises I thought this film came together well. All parts of the film working together manage to lift it above mediocrity and straight into good.

I thought the threat and peril of the film felt very real. Once things start going south under the sea it becomes edge of your seat viewing. The claustrophobia of the submarine helps to amplify this and make every thing that goes wrong feel like it is adding to this sense of dread which makes the film hard to look away from.

Another major feather in the films cap is its cast which is absolutely stacked with good performances. Jude Law centres the piece masterfully, coming off originally as a very hard and stoic man but then growing more and more likeable as the film progresses and you begin to understand his motivations. Equally Ben Mendelsohn who plays a psychopathic diving expert also manages to give Law a run for his money in terms of performance. You really feel the detachment and the hostility that Mendelsohn’s character is giving off, and the film is wise to use him as a red herring villain, as it then masterfully misdirects whilst at the same time taking shots at classism within society.

Overall, a strong thriller film.





The tension

The ending


The first act is painfully slow

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