Star Wars The Bad Batch: Metamorphosis

Written by Luke Barnes


Clone Force 99 investigate the rumour of a downed ship and are met with a mystery involving the Kaminoans and the return of the Zillo Beast

I really liked that this episode had such a horror feel to it, there were moments within the episode when I actually felt a little creeped out. It is nice to see Star Wars embracing other tones and styles, not everything has to be cookie cutter family friendly.

Moreover, I like that this episode really sets the board for things to come, teasing out a return by Echo and Rex and the Empire coming after Omega. I think this season will end with the Bad Batch accepting that they can no longer run from the Empire and that they will have to stand and fight and go back to being the soldiers they used to be. I am interested to see what the show will have the Empire do with the Zillo beast and more broadly how the Empire will use cloning going forward.

The only reason I scored this episode a little lower than some of the other ones recently is because I felt the return of the Zillo Beast was underwhelming. If they were going to reference and bring back something from Clone Wars there is a million other things they could have picked, at least in my mind, that would have had more effect on me. I know a lot of people online are excited about the return of the Zillo Beast but it just didn’t do it for me.

Overall a good set up episode but the return of the Zillo Beast bored me a bit.



The horror feel

The things it sets up

The clones turning on Sid

The Empire finding out about Omega


I didn’t care about the Zillo Beast

It could have done with being longer

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