Record Of Ragnarok: Season One Overview

Written by Luke Barnes


The Gods face off against humanity in one last series of showdowns that will determine the fate of all life as we know it.

Netflix recommended this anime to me one evening and I thought why not, so I gave the first episode a try and honestly I have to say from there on I was hooked.

I think the thing that really intrigues me about this show is the relationship between the Gods and humanity. I think it is interestingly explored over a series of flashbacks across the season which are spliced into the fights, these can at times feel as though they are dragging on especially in some of the more tense fights but at the same time are crucial to establishing the wider world.

I also enjoy the fact that it is a good mix of Gods and different human figures from myths and legends and what not. It is not just the Greek Gods or the Norse but others as well. I thought the fight between Adam, from the Bible, and Zeus was probably the most fascinating of the whole series because of how they played with that relationship between God and man.

The fights themselves are often very entertaining and have a nice amount of gore, I found myself on the edge of my seat more than once as I cheered on the human fighter even though he seemed to face certain death.

Finally, I would say this would make a very good beginners anime for anyone looking to get into the genre, personally I already have quite a lot of experience with anime, with Black Lagoon being my favourite, but for others this is quite a good gateway in.

Overall, another strong original Netflix anime series. Not quite the levels of Way Of The Househusband but few things are.



The fights

The relationship between the Gods and Humanity

The backstory and world

The mixture of tones


Some of the flashback sequences can feel a little filler at times

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