A Comic Readers Guide To The MCU: Where Are The Inhumans?

Written by Luke Barnes

Hi folks, in this new series of articles I am trying to merge two of my main passions into one easy to read piece, a true labor of love. I am currently in my mid-twenties and have been reading Marvel comics since I was young, I have read others besides but I know Marvel well and so decided to make a series of posts wherein I talk about concepts, ideas, and possibly upcoming stuff from or to the MCU and try and give you a bit of a comics background and explain my own thoughts on where these things are going. I hope you enjoy.

Where are the Inhumans?

Within the pages of Marvel comics the Inhumans are second only to Mutants in terms of importance, remember that as it will come back around later. The Inhumans and the Royal Family in particular have featured in a number of different stories and runs over the years, some incredibly important to the comics that are inspiring where the MCU is heading, so the question I want to explore today is where are they in the MCU? Are they coming or have they been replaced?

As it stands a number of elements which would seemingly herald the arrival of the Inhumans are set up in the MCU, namely the Kree, and Black Bolt, played by Anson Mount, did appear in last year’s Doctor Strange film as a member of the Illuminati before getting offed. However, Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, a key Inhuman figure in the comics was made a mutant for her show so this then begs the question are the Inhumans being replaced by mutants within the MCU? This wouldn’t be outside of the realms of possibilities as one of the main reasons the Inhumans have been pushed so much in the comics over the last decade was as a replacement to the X-Men due to Marvel not wanting to push properties they didn’t own, bar Spider-Man, too much in the comics department, allegedly. I also think the creatives at Marvel are still keenly aware of how much of a disaster the Inhumans show was for them and are wanting to distance themselves from it, but with the return of Mount’s Black Bolt this suggests that maybe the door is open to the Inhumans in the future. I think it would be very foolish to not have the Inhumans show up somewhere down the line, be that for the eventual main timeline Illuminati or for Secret Wars. If I am being real with you I think the Inhumans could be said to be existing in the world of the MCU currently but just that we don’t find out about them till later. So to sum up the question I think they will come eventually but that for now mutants are the MCU’s main focus.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this third edition of the Comic Readers Guide To The MCU if you have any suggestions for future topics then please get in touch.    

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