Star Wars The Bad Batch: Retrieval

Written by Luke Barnes


Clone Force 99 go in search of their ship.

I thought that after a good run of episodes this was a step back, and whilst there is clearly still a lot going on below the surface within the group themselves I would say this episode stopped a lot of the good progress of the past few weeks in terms of character journeys.

The relatively standalone villain of the week nature of the episode in my mind held it back. The villain was relatively disconnected from the wider story going on and just felt inconsequential. Honestly it felt like more filler.

Moreover, another thing that bothered me was that this episode entirely brushed over Sid’s betrayal at the end of the last episode, whereby she basically left them for dead, this feels like a major plot point to not carry on. Also if she is sending a ship for them as the ending of the last episode suggested then it would have made sense for the Bad Batch to have contacted her and told her not to bother, but evidently the writers didn’t think of that.

Overall, it was inevitable after the last few pretty good episodes that a meh one was coming and sadly this was that. It was too disconnected from the wider goings on to feel important or in any way engaging.



The Batch themselves say a number of interesting things here

It is watchable

Hopefully next week’s episode can be better


It feels like filler

The emotional journey the Batch is on is randomly halted

It doesn’t address things with Sid

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