The Godfather Part II

Written by Luke Barnes


We follow the twin stories of the rise of Vito Corleone, played by Robert DeNiro, as well as the dominance of Michael, played by Al Pacino.

I thought this was a near perfect sequel and as such it gets the same top rating as the original. There is no fat to trim here which is incredibly surprising considering the incredibly long run time of this film

Both of the character journeys are equally fascinating and importance and the themes and such text of each feed into the other nicely. I think you can really tell that these are two young actors at the top of their games as it is a fierce fight between the two for who gives the better performance. I would lean to DeNiro, but maybe that is just personally preference.

The plot of the film about familial betrayal strikes hard and deep and it seems to effect both you watching and the characters at the same time. The first film teaches you to like Michael and to relate to him, but then this film highlights his monstrosity and shows you why that emotion was misplaced.

Overall, an incredibly well done sequel.



The tension

The family drama

The performances

The pacing

The interconnectivity of the two split narratives   



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