A Comic Readers Guide To The MCU: Exploring The Unknown Regions

Written by Luke Barnes

Hi folks, in this new series of articles I am trying to merge two of my main passions into one easy to read piece, a true labor of love. I am currently in my mid-twenties and have been reading Marvel comics since I was young, I have read others besides but I know Marvel well and so decided to make a series of posts wherein I talk about concepts, ideas, and possibly upcoming stuff from or to the MCU and try and give you a bit of a comics background and explain my own thoughts on where these things are going. I hope you enjoy.

Unexplored Locations In The MCU

I was recently watching a Youtube video about the MCU and it struck me that it is very America centric. Yes there has been some recent exploration, with Wakanda, Talokan and London, but for the most part there are a lot of well known comic locations that still remain undiscovered in the MCU and this article of the Comic Readers Guide To The MCU wants to be the first to plant their flag in these locations and talk about how they may come into the MCU in the near future. For the most part this will be specific to the Earth of Marvel comics and not talk about space stuff and different dimensions.

The first two locations I want to talk about are tied into the Fantastic Four and will likely arrive along with them, the first is Ancient Egypt, which we have a link to through the Moon Knight show, but we haven’t seen a film set there yet or dealing with those sort of characters. This is where I think the Fantastic Four film will be set, I think it will have the team travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, with their powers as it isn’t an origin movie, and fight Rama-Tut, the Kang variant, no doubt beating him but also somehow getting stuck there which will then provide a reason for their absence thus far.

The next location is Latveria, which as many of you will know is the homeland of Victor Von Doom. Now we know that Doom is coming to the MCU as he kind of has to if the Fantastic Four exist and everything is building to battleworld as seems to be the hinted destination. Latveria is a nation ruled for vast points in the comics by Doom as a sort of God Emperor/protector somewhat like Black Adam in DC comics, and it is a very important location for the MCU to include. I would guess that Latveria will either appear as a sort of neighbour to Sokovia or perhaps it will be ignored entirely and Sokovia will become a direct stand-in for Latveria, though I don’t think this would be a popular choice.

Our next stop is The Savage Lands, which for those unaware is somewhat of a land time forget in Marvel comics. It has dinosaurs and the people who reside there have a caveman/cave woman sort of dress sense. Famously it is the domain of Ka-Zar, the Tarzan of Marvel comics, and has links to the Eternals. There are rumours that the Thunderbolts film next year may take place, at least partially, there and may introduce this location into the MCU but as for now its dinosaurs remain undiscovered.

Finally there is Arthurian Britain. Yes, I will be the first to admit this is somewhat of a deep cut and I only decided to include it as I am a big fan of Black Knight and Captain Britain. This one is the most obvious and the one that will require the least description as most of you reading this will have seen at least one King Arthur film in your time. Anyway, if the MCU decides to give Dane Whitman’s Black Knight his own spinoff series, as it should, then it may be interested in showing the origins of his sword The Ebony Blade which was forged by Merlin out of a meteorite and was wielded by the original Black Knight from Arthurian legend.

So there we have it four possible Marvel comics locations that may soon be coming to the movies. I hope you have enjoyed reading this second edition of the Comic Readers Guide To The MCU if you have any suggestions for future topics then please get in touch.    

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