A Comic Readers Guide To The MCU: The Council Of Kangs

Written by Luke Barnes

Hi folks, in this new series of articles I am trying to merge two of my main passions into one easy to read piece, a true labor of love. I am currently in my mid-twenties and have been reading Marvel comics since I was young, I have read others besides but I know Marvel well and so decided to make a series of posts wherein I talk about concepts, ideas, and possibly upcoming stuff from or to the MCU and try and give you a bit of a comics background and explain my own thoughts on where these things are going. I hope you enjoy.

Spoilers for the end of Ant Man and The Wasp Quantomania

Okay so at the end of the film we see a lot of different variants of Jonathan Majors’ Kang, in what comics readers will know as the Council of Kangs, these are a group of different Kang variants that work together and that at least in the comics was lead by Prime Kang, though really it was Immortus who was calling the shots, having Prime Kang kill off all the divergent versions of Kang so that he would become Immortus down the line. Fairly confusing time travel nonsense. As it pertains to the MCU the Council of Kangs will effectively be a source of villains for the various upcoming films and will no doubt be further explored and have its origins and members better explained as time goes on. It is important to note that not all of the Kangs are alike and also that they don’t always work together, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see one break off and help out the Avengers a little down the line.

Some fairly big questions and theories for the MCU going forward.

Now we know that the Council Of Kangs is the direction the MCU is heading in a few things are fairly certain. One, Iron Lad the kid version of Kang that doesn’t want to grow up to be a villain and who is a member of the Young Avengers in the comics is a lock. Two, I would not be surprised to see Rama-Tut, the ancient Egyptian Kang, be the villain for the upcoming Fantastic Four film. It would make sense to kick Doctor Doom down the road for a sequel, especially as we know the film won’t be an origin for the group so he doesn’t need to feature.

My question for you all that I will leave this article on is how do the Council of Kangs and Victor Timely, another version of Kang, relate to He Who Remains, who many people thought was Immortus, and why didn’t he mention the Council to Sylvie or Loki in that show. Was he another rogue variant on the run from the council?

I hope you enjoyed this new idea for my blog that mixes my twin muses of films and comics together, if you have any ideas for future topics or things you would like me to talk about please do write to me and let me know.

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