Star Wars The Bad Batch: The Clone Conspiracy

Written by Luke Barnes


Admiral Rampart cleans house and has one of the clones who served under him during the destruction of Kamino killed, prompting a Senate investigation and the return of Rex.

I am truly starting to believe that the episodes of The Bad Batch that don’t feature Omega in any major way are examples of the show operating at its best. When the show embraces the darker side of things and moves past the family friendly wrapping that Omega as a character forces on the show then it is truly up there with the hights of The Clone Wars.

I enjoyed seeing the events shown in the end of season one of The Bad Batch come back around to be so important and relevant in season two, it felt rewarding to me as a long time viewer of the show. Moreover, I liked seeing Rex come back and would like to see more of his solo adventures in between this show and Rebels, maybe even a spin-off show?

This episode also benefits from a nice amount of action and is definitely one of the most action packed episode of the whole season, if not the whole show. Honestly the difference between an episode like this and one like Entombed is so night and day that it makes you question whether you are even watching the same show.

Overall, a fantastic episode of The Bad Batch that will be remembered fondly for a long time.



Bringing back Rex

Tying in events from both The Clone Wars and earlier seasons of The Bad Batch

It is action packed

The more serious and dark tone

The best episode in a long time


The emotional work with the characters could have been better

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