Star Wars The Bad Batch: Tribe

Written by Luke Barnes


The Bad Batch help the Wookie Jedi Gungi escape capture and return him to his home world.

I enjoyed this episode, and thought that it made a nice change to the filler of the past two weeks as it actually had the Bad Batch play a role in the wider fight back against the Empire and for once they turned off the stun setting on their blasters. Now, whilst I don’t think this episode was as good as the Commander Cody/Crosshair one I certainly think that there was a lot of promise here.

I was also interested to note how the Bad Batch are around Jedi’s after everything that has happened, and for the most part it was a similar fatherly relationship to how they treat Omega. However, this got me thinking about other possible Jedi’s that could appear on the show and also thinking again about how the show needs to get the Bad Batch way more involved with the early war against the Empire rather than just have them do mission of the week episodes with Omega. This episode had a weighty tone which worked for it a lot more than last week’s National Treasure spin off.

Overall, this is the sort of episode that this show should be putting out every week.


The darker tone

Seeing the Jedi interacting with the Bad Batch

The Bad Batch finally getting more involved in the war

Well-paced, with no lulls


I could have done with being longer

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