The Last Of Us: Long, Long Time

Written by Luke Barnes


Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, brings Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, to the home of his friend Bill, played by Nick Offerman, only to discover a horrifying truth.

I thought this episode was easily the best yet. Though it deviated from the game in several major ways, I thought the beautiful yet tragic love story of Bill and Frank, played by Murray Bartlett, easily deserved to be told and I personally dare you to watch it and not feel anything. As it came time for the two loves to say goodbye to one another I was wiping away tears, the performances from both Offerman and Bartlett are both so open and raw and truly there are a lot of layers there. I think this will probably be remembered when the season ends as its best episode, I think this will be the episode to win awards and I think that is rightly so.

Furthermore, I also really liked how this episode showed Joel morn for his friends and for Tess and really have a moment to breakdown. I think the whole scene with the letter really shows how much of a pro Pascal is and his real power as a dramatic actor. In addition, much like with last week’s episode this one had me again warming a lot to Ramsey’s Ellie to the point wherein now I do believe she was well cast in the role. I thought the final scene of them in the car together really felt like the game and reminded me why there dynamic worked so well in it. Although I would be remiss if I didn’t point out how the final scene in the car did feel an awful lot like Din and Baby Yoda, but hey I didn’t mind that.

Overall, one of the best episodes of TV I have seen in a long, long time.



Bill and Frank’s love story

Joel’s breakdown

The final car scene between Joel and Ellie

Terrific performances all round

An emotional roller-coaster


You will need to prepare yourself for just how sad this episode is

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