The Last Of Us: Infected

Written by Luke Barnes


The journey to get Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, to the Fireflies goes horribly awry.

I thought this second episode was better than the first for several key reasons. Firstly, we got to see the infected up close and personal which was good, the show has really put a lot of money into making them looking both terrifying and also very true to the game. The make-up work on the clickers and other infected really does deserve your praise. Secondly, we get further insight into Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, and Tess, played by Anna Torv, and see more indicators of their relationship, which was eluded to but never fully confirmed in the game. I think Torv’s performance in the horde scene is incredibly striking, and the emotional impact of her death and the effect it has on Joel is incredibly powerful and effecting viewing. Thirdly and finally, I really enjoyed the prologue of the episode wherein it showed the early days of the outbreak in Indonesia, I think it added a lot to the world and the wider lore of the series.

It has to be noted that in many last review I was not keen on Ramsey’s performance as Ellie, I thought she was badly miscast, but I have to say here she is a lot better and her take on the character is starting to grow on me quite a bit.

Overall, a strong episode that is held up by well-acted performances and well-constructed emotional manipulation.     



Joel and Tess’ relationship

The Indonesian outbreak


Tess’s death and sacrifice


Slightly too short, and as a result the pacing doesn’t leave enough time for processing

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