The Drop: Get Some Better Friends

Written by Luke Barnes


A cringe comedy following the events covering and following a woman, played by Anna Konkle, who drops a baby.

I am a fan of Sarah Adina Smith as a director, I think her film Midnight Swim is powerful in the way a lot of films wish they can be, however, I think this film is beneath her talents and feels like a big step back when compared to her other films.

The main issue with this film is that as a cringe comedy it just doesn’t work, though it has some good cringe moments for the most part it isn’t cringe enough and the rest of the comedy doesn’t land. A lot of the characters are unlikeable, but that doesn’t make them funny even in a cringe comedy sense, but it does make a lot of their scenes unbearable.

Moreover, the commentary on women and babies feels several years out of date, what this films presents as strong statements and new suggestions about maternity have almost all been made before. The ending realisation that some women don’t want kids and that is okay isn’t new and it doesn’t feel challenging or praise worthy for the film to say it, you are left saying ‘yes and’, it needs to go further if it wants to commit to the social commentary.

Overall, it’s watchable but a big step back from Smith.



It is watchable

The teenager character has a few funny lines


The social commentary doesn’t go far enough

The cringe comedy doesn’t work

It all feels very played out

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