Enys Men: Can You Make Meaning Out Of The Meaningless?

Written by Luke Barnes


A woman, played by Mary Woodvine, begins to experience breaks with reality whilst living on a remote Cornish island.

I haven’t been so disappointed with a film in a long, long time. What was this film? It didn’t even feel like a film in the sense that it had a narrative and characters and really just anything that you could follow. It had minimal to no dialogue, no discernible story or plot and seemingly was just a series of random shots stuck together, it was the height of pretentious art house garbage.

Two other issues that go along with this are firstly that the pace is awful and the film as a whole quickly becomes tedious, in all honesty I disliked this film so much I would have got up and left if it were not for being bunched in by people on either side. This film is a chore to get through that is the easiest way to describe it. Secondly, the film seems to like piercing random loud noises and uses them again and again, for what reason we will never know but no doubt it is pretentious in reality all this does is leave you with a splitting headache.

The only thing positive I have to say about this film is that it has some interesting folk horror aesthetics but really this is barely even a film.

Overall, a tedious painful film to get through that feels more like a live art performance you have been forced to sit through rather than anything even remotely resembling a film. Easily my worst of the year so far.



I liked some of the visuals


It has no narrative

It uses loud noises constantly and again for no reason

It is tedious

It is incredibly pretentious

It never made a lick of sense

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