A Man Called Otto: The Perfect January Film

Written by Luke Barnes


Tom Hanks plays a curmudgeon who after losing his wife seals himself off from the world, until his new neighbours give him a reason to live again.

This is one of those films that you will watch once and enjoy but then likely never watch again. I don’t think that is inherently a bad thing, rather I think this film has a powerful message and conveys it beautifully and it will reach those who need it, when they need it and it doesn’t need to do more than that.

In many sense this film is the perfect January film it is both sad and at times manically depressing but also hopeful and life affirming. Many of us who find January an incredibly hard month for a lot of different reasons, need the positivity this film brings and for them it will be a boon.

I really enjoyed Tom Hanks here I thought he played the role really well and as the film progressed it was incredibly hard not to root for him. The flashbacks were incredibly moving and affecting, but I won’t talk about them as they made me get upset in the cinema and I can feel the same emotions stirring as I sit here and write out this review, suffice it to say you will be wiping away a few tears in this one.

Overall, a beautiful film but one that will never stand a rewatch.



The message

The emotions


The ending and its feel good properties

The supporting cast


It would be hard to watch again

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