House Party: LeBron Is Kind Of A Jerk

Written by Luke Barnes


Two friends, played by Tosin Cole and Jacob Latimore, host a party at LeBron James’ house whilst he is out of town.

I thought this film was fun enough, it was fine and relatively easy to watch whilst not reinventing the wheel in any way and playing out the same old tropes over and over again.

The cameos were mostly used well, though at times the film did over use them by having the camera simply pan over to show a famous face without even giving them much to do or more than a few lines, Snoop Dogg I’m looking at you.

I thought the film was held up by the chemistry between the two leading men, they were convincing friends and had a good back and forth. I thought the film was at its best when it was the two of them being thrown into extreme situations and having to come up with some zany way out, in that sense it reminded me of Harold and Kumar.

Overall, watchable but nothing to write home about.



It is watchable

It has a few good laughs

The wackiness is fun


Not all the jokes land

It is a lot of recycled plot points and tropes

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