Silicon Docks: A Meeting Of Billionaires

Written by Luke Barnes


A group of tech moguls want to get drunk in an Irish pub one rainy afternoon, only to find life in the way.

I thought this film was both hilarious but also timely, no mean feat I assure you. It has a lot to say on the state of modern tech and also the behind the scenes world of power, politics and online policing, in many sense this film put a face to and express thoughts a lot of us have had at one stage or another before but this film is not afraid to proudly declare them.

In a further compliment to the writing, I knew thought a film about a group of tech moguls getting together for a drink could be so funny. I had also never thought I needed to see a cat fight, in a sense, between said tech moguls before, but this film showed me that I should have been wanting that all along. It never misses a chance to be funny and that is a massive feather in its cap.

On the more technical side the vocal performances were all spot on and in many cases quite life like, bar Musk, and the animation was magnificent across the board.

Overall, a funny and insightful world that takes an unflinching look at tech billionaires and reminds us how at the end of the day they are just like us, at least after they have had a drink.



It is funny

It is insightful

The performances across the board are great

It shows you things you never knew you wanted to see

It is a lot of fun to watch and you end the film wishing for more of it



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