Wild Men: Haven’t We All Had This Thought Before

Written by Luke Barnes


After being caught in a car crash Martin, played by Rasmus Bjerg, begins living out in the wilderness with the police on his trail.

I had been looking forward to this film for a while, but have to say after watching it I feel more than a little bit disappointed with it. Mainly my issue is the same one I have with many dark comedy films and that is that one part of that equation overshadows the other, in this case the dark and more dramatic stuff outweighed the lighter comedic elements and it made the film as a whole quite a depressing watch.

Maybe it is a national sense of humour that I don’t share as this is a Danish film and I am not Danish. I don’t know. I will say that the film made me laugh a few times over the course of its runtime so it was not without laughs simply it was the case wherein most of the jokes fell flat for me.

Overall, an interesting premise but the comedy didn’t connect with me and that meant that the darker dramatic elements took over and made this a depressing watch.



The premise is interesting

The performances are mostly good


It is depressing

The jokes don’t land

It has pacing issues

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