White Christmas: Frighteningly Pro-Military

Written by Luke Barnes


A Christmas classic featuring one of the most well known Christmas songs of all time.

Personally I can see why people like this film, but for me it left me cold. Maybe it is the outdated views which make parts of it feel problematic or just how into the Army this film is but there was something about it that I just didn’t like.

Moreover, a lot of the songs, outside of the obviously fantastic titular song, ended up sounding the same and in the end the musical numbers became tedious because it was just constantly more of the same rather than any form of variety or range.

I did enjoy the sentimentality of the story, however, and thought that the central kind deed feels very in-keeping  with the meaning of the season.

Overall, not a Christmas film that I believe ages well.



The sentimentality

It is watchable


The songs

It ages poorly

It is very pro-Army

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