Chucky: He Is Risen Indeed

Written by Luke Barnes


Good Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif, finally turns bad and there is a traitor inside the School’s ranks.

The Colonel is easily the best thing about this episode once again, and his killing of Chad Chucky with the communion wafer is both shocking and a good use of the setting. It is a shame he gets killed off so quickly, but it does give Andy, played by Alex Vincent, a nice hero moment after he was rendered fairly helpless in the previous episode.

The defecting of Good Chucky and the death of Nadine was a mixed bag for me, it was sad to see Good Chucky turn bad as it could have been interesting for the wider universe of the show if he had stuck around longer and then the question of could Chucky be redeemed ever could have been tackled, but it was fairly obvious he was going to fall to the darkness. The death of Nadine didn’t hugely hit me as much like with the Colonel she wasn’t set up enough to have her death be impactful, if she had survived into the next season and died then that would have hit harder.

Overall, a good episode as exciting things are happening, but the impacts are a little stunted.



The Colonel continues to have a lot of good moments

Andy gets a lot of good hero moments

It is very watchable

Fun things are happening


Nadine’s death doesn’t hit as hard as it could have done

The Colonel is gone too soon.

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