Chucky: Doll On Doll

Written by Luke Barnes


Chad Chucky and Good Chucky, voiced by Brad Dourif, face off.

I think following on from last week’s episode this was definitely a step back, though the episode was not all bad.

I enjoyed the fight between the two Chuckies, however, I thought the idea of Good Chucky slowly starting to turn bad again was super obvious as it would break the status quo of the show to have Good Chucky permanently amongst the heroes roster for this universe, he always needs to be evil. The crucifixion turned raising from the dead was a nice touch though.

I also liked that Andy, played by Alex Vincent, makes a return right at the end of the episode, I knew the series wouldn’t just kill him off, hopefully he can be a larger part of the last few episodes of the season. Moreover, I thought the Colonel was chilling certainly an interesting take on Chucky and a fun persona to follow, hopefully they are not just one and done.

I would say what held this episode back for me is the very obvious fact that it is a filler episode more content with setting things up for later in the season then delivering for this episode in particular, when thinking about it it is hard to say very much of anything happens in this episode.

Overall, a few neat moments and its nice to see Andy return but other than that a fairly dull episode.



Andy is back

The Chucky fight

Seeing the Glen/Glenda doll return


The Tiffany stuff grinds the plot to a standstill

It feels very filler esque

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