Pieces: Peril In The Parish


Written by Luke Barnes


The film follows the disappearance of a priest’s wife.

Whilst this film is watchable, the mystery really isn’t anything to write home about at all. Everything that happens over the course of the film feels like a checkbox that the writers are ticking off as they go along whilst constantly referring back to the how to write a cliched mystery film guide book. Nothing feels surprising or organic whenever something happens it is met with a well obviously.

In addition the film finds it hard to maintain a sense of tension and for the most part struggled to keep my attention. I found myself getting distracted a lot whilst watching or just switching off because the film was not engaging me in anyway. What makes this worse is the incredibly slow pace that only draws out these problems to a point where they become unbearable.

The film isn’t awful and the performances do raise the bar somewhat and try and make up for the other weaker elements but even they aren’t enough.

Overall, a weak and incredibly obvious mystery film.


It is watchable

The performances are mostly good


It is obvious

It is cliched

It is boring

The pace is painful at times  

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