Rick and Morty: Analyze Piss

Written by Luke Barnes


After seeing a therapist Rick decides to give Jerry a win and let him become a superhero of sorts, however, Rick then sees the result of these actions and becomes a hero himself to try and out perform him and to redeem the origin suit wearer he has taken over from.

I think that this was the best episode of Rick and Morty in a long time, it was everything I liked about the show it was funny, it had some real emotional depth and it didn’t feel gimmicky or as thought the writers were trying to show off some science fiction concept they had just learnt about.

I like that we are being show Rick as a character growing, he is talking to a therapist, he is giving Jerry wins, he is trying to redeem himself and be a better person and I think that highlights the character journey he has been on since season one, it has been long going but it feels rewarding to see.

My only complaint of the episode is the way the family turn on Rick at the end, yes he hands in the suicide note so they know his reasons for doing what he did were mixed but I would still say it didn’t warrant that response. The writers seem to be trying to redeem Rick this season whilst also making the family more and more unlikeable. Maybe the show is leading up to a point where Rick will leave his family and head out on his own again and we will follow him, I am imagining a science fiction version of Bojack.

Overall, a very good episode. Perhaps even a modern classic.



Rick’s journey

The Adventures of Piss Man

The humour

The emotional depths

The return of the therapist


The family as a group are becoming more unlikeable

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