Chucky: Hail Mary


Written by Luke Barnes


Chucky, played by Brad Dourif, is captured by the kids and turned good, meanwhile a bigger badder Chucky doll finds its way into the school and brings a new Chad-sense to his murdering.

I liked this episode more than the previous episode, I think the idea of a good Chucky is interesting and I like that it gives Dourif a chance to play against type, at least in terms of this series. I think the idea of another Chucky that is jacked is silly, but therein lies the charm of me its dumb but it’s the right kind of dumb.

Moreover, I preferred the more lively pace of this episode when compared to the previous week’s episode as it felt like more was happening and less like the series was playing for time. Plus this weeks murder is far better than last weeks, not only does it feel more rewarding the gore is also a lot better, Chucky giving a nun a heart attack last week was not as funny or as satisfying as they probably imagined it would be.

In a wider sense the series is getting better and I do like where they are heading with it, even if it is down from the fun week in week out craziness of the first season. Hopefully the second half of the season will be better.

Overall, an above average episode made better by the prospect of a good Chucky.


Good Chucky

The stupid idea of Chad Chucky

It feels more lively


There is still a lot of teasing and no delivering

The cliches are still there and are starting to effect the story  

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