Wednesday Series Overview: A Family Reunion

Written by Luke Barnes


Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, is given her own show wherein she is sent off to boarding school.

I think this is the best series Netflix has made in a long time. Yes, there are similarities between it and Riverdale, though this is infinitely better written and less gratuitous, because both are teen shows set primarily with dealing with teen issues and occasionally otherworldly hijinks.

However, where the two differ is that this show has far more going for it than Riverdale ever did and an appeal that vastly goes beyond the teen girls that Cole Sprouse brought in, and is something everyone can enjoy. There is enough member berry goodness, with the returning Christina Ricci and the references to the now classic films that it can bring in old fans whilst also offering something new to bring in fresh crowds.

Tim Burton’s dark sensibilities are but to great use here and the tone for the series feels both very in keeping with his aesthetic whilst also appropriate for the source material. I think the best thing that Wednesday has going for it is its characters and the writing as a whole, the former being instantly memorable and easy to warm to and the latter feeling like a natural continuation that also is devilishly funny.

Overall, this is the sort of teen programming we deserve.



The characters


The ending of the series and the similarities with Harry Potter

It is very funny


It could have done with being a few episodes longer  


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