Witchfinder General: Those Who Claim To Be Holy And Righteous Often Aren’t


Written by Luke Barnes


A sadistic witchfinder general, played by Vincent Price, makes life hell for residents of one British village.

There are things to like about this film, such as the distinctly British folk horror feeling that permeates almost every frame of the film, to the decidedly gothic and sinister sense of horror that makes us question all we know about witch hunters and also highlights the darker aspects to the witch trials in terms of morality.

However, for me personally I found this film quite slow going. The pace was really quite oppressive at times, and no I am not some TikTok child with a few second attention span I have watched many other longer films than this it is just the way this one is paced that is the issue. Things take a long time to get going and when they do they all follow a fairly predictable and entry level plot pattern that leads to a very obvious ending.

Overall, though I appreciate the folk horror elements, I find the slow pace and the predictability make this film hard for me to get on board with.


The gothic sense of horror

The distinctly British folk horror elements

It is watchable


The pace

The predictability

The ending

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