Nightfall: In Service Of A Scream


Written by Luke Barnes


Whilst working from home James, played by Michael Lake, hears a scream that changes his life forever and sets him off down a twisting course of mystery.

For the most part I really enjoyed this film, I thought the central mystery was good and it kept me guessing right up until the end. However, the ending for me felt a little obvious and I would have liked it more if they had gone with something a little more out of left field, in which case I would have given the film higher and the mystery would have been great all the way through.

In terms of tension I think the film manages to keep a pretty good tone, the tension slowly ramps over the first act and then really sets into going into act two. In this sense the film is quite compelling to watch and can at times be hard to look away from.

The performances are all good, however, I would single Lake out for praise here as he really does take his character on a journey over the course of the film and isn’t afraid of showing both the highs and lows of the human condition.

Overall, a mostly good mystery film that is a little undone by the ending.



The tension

It kept me guessing


The ending is a little obvious and that then derails the whole mystery

Some slight pacing issues

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