Triangle Of Sadness: Society Is Constantly Breaking Down Around Us


Written by Luke Barnes


A luxury cruise quickly devolves into a battle for survival as traditional power structures break down in spectacular style.

I had heard good things going into this and for the most part it didn’t let me down. To get into the things I didn’t like about it first, as they are a lot less, I thought the pacing was pretty brutal and that the film had no business being on for as long as it is, though it does allow for quite a few fun scenes it feels overly indulgent.

That said I enjoyed the commentary of the film on society and gender and found something inherently hilarious about the Captain, played by Woody Harrelson, and Dimitry, played by Zlatko Burić, discussing philosophies as the ship was sinking around them, or the nice well-made food served on the ship making everyone sick. I thought this film very much had something to say and that it said it well.

The performances across the board were strong, with everyone having a moment to shine even those that were used sparingly had their due.

Overall, a darkly funny film that cuts quite deeply.


The commentary

The humour

The ending

The performances, especially Harrelson


The pace and the overly indulgent runtime  

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