My Old Lady: A Deeply Depressing Trip To France


Written by Luke Barnes


A man, played by Kevin Kline, inherits an apartment only to find it being occupied by an old woman, played by Maggie Smith.

Whilst this film does have some old world European charm to it, for the most part it can’t shake a deeply depressing air that makes it not only hard to watch, but hard to review. I struggled with this film I will be upfront with you and say that, sometimes the heaviness of it got a little too much for me and it made it hard for me to carry on watching it. To think that this film is labelled a comedy drama is somewhat baffling as there is very little funny about it.

The performances were all very much as you would expect, that is not necessarily a criticism but instead a comment in that no one is really playing against type here. If you like Maggie Smith’s  recent usual persona you will likely like her here as well, the same can be said for Kristen Scott Thomas.

Overall, I found this one quite hard to get through as I found it at times to be quite depressing and draining.



It is watchable


It is deeply depressing

There is no humour to be found

It is quite a slog to get through

The charm quickly fades

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