The Menu: A Memorable Dining Experience


Written by Luke Barnes


An exclusive dining experience goes badly wrong.

I thought this film was genuinely great on a number of levels. Most notably for me was the biting social commentary which had me both appalled at what Ralph Fiennes’ evil chef character was saying but also in some senses agreeing with him. I liked that this film had a very clear socio-economic/political message to it and wasn’t afraid to tackle it openly, moreover, rather than force its message down your throat to the point of choking you it approached it with a surprising amount of nuance which I really appreciated.

Additionally, this film is aided by being incredibly funny. This film had me laughing out loud quite often, its sense of humour is often jet black but it really worked for me. Whether it was the name cards for various different dishes or the way Nicholas Hoult’s Taylor was so mercilessly taken down the film was a laugh riot.

I think the film did its best to see to its supporting cast and give everyone a moment to shine, bar Arturo Castro who is terribly wasted, but really this film is about the interplay between Anya Taylor-Joy’s Margo and Fiennes Slowik and there is where the film really comes alive. Both actors are on top form, it goes without saying, but Taylor-Joy really shines and her scream queen credentials get yet another notch.

My only slight issue with the film was that the ending was rather predictable, not just that but also overly familiar. That is not to say that the ending didn’t work for the film, but rather than it was incredibly obvious where it was heading. I would have preferred something either more subversive or more shocking.

Overall, one of the best films of the year for sure.





The humour

The social commentary


The ending was a little weak

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