Christmas In London: Small Town America Is Replaced With Quaint Small Town London


Written by Luke Barnes


Exactly what you would expect from a Hallmark film called Christmas In London.

Despite most of the cast being British themselves you wouldn’t know it with a collection of awful accents, and one good one. The only good accent in this film was Will Sharp doing an American accent, which to me sounded quite convincing though to an American ear may sound just as poor as a lot of the other actors trying to do various different British accents with no level of success.

I was rather unsurprised to find the usual collection of cliches and cultural stereotypes being put forward here, in many senses this film is ignorant about British people and British culture but I would expect nothing less from it.

The main pro I have for this film is that I found the central romance to be convincing which is high praise for these sort of films were very often the romance feels incredibly forced. I found myself rooting for the couple in the end, which again is more than I can say for a lot of other bad Christmas films.

Overall, not good by any means but certainly not the worst.


It is watchable

It has a good central romance

The characters mostly come off as likeable


The British stereotypes

The bad accents

The pacing

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