American Horror Story NYC: Something Is Coming


Written by Luke Barnes


A killer is terrorising the New York Gay community in the early Eighties.

Admittedly I went into this first episode with rock bottom expectations as last years Double Feature was so bad that I didn’t even finish it, and looking at it through that lens I think this first episode did a lot to inspire confidence and maybe even, if I dare to dream, to have AHS back on course.

I like the mystery being set up with the quest of who or what is big daddy, I am guessing now he will be more than your typical killer, if it does turn out later on that he is just a really muscular dude in bondage gear then I’ll get a little disappointed. Additionally the storyline with Billy Lourd’s character about what is going on on Fire Island is also shaping up to be an interesting mystery.

I think the performance’s so far have been quite good Zachary Quinton is back and is bring a real depraved charisma to his sleezy art dealer/ photographer character, and also Russell Tovey is also a very welcome new addition to the cast.

Overall, though the usual AHS issues are there, in spades, I am hopeful for this series.


Quinton and Tovey

Interesting new mysteries

Back to basics feel

Big Daddy seems to be a good villain thus far


It is badly paced

Much like with all of Ryan Murphy’s projects it is basically soft core porn

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