Night Of The Living Dead: They Are Going To Get You


Written by Luke Barnes


The original zombie film.

Another classic horror film that left me rather cold. Now I can see the merit of the film and I think the social commentary is fairly daring for the time period, especially the ending, but I also thought that the film suffered from pacing issues galore. Whilst watching there were multiple times I thought the film was surely about to end, but then it just kept going.

This film didn’t really do anything new with zombies from my modern perspective, however, it was hugely influential to their development at the time. I thought the zombies here were more goofy than scary, I understand that it was a low budget film but the make up on the zombies doesn’t even look remotely convincing, they look more like angry people who have had a bad day then the undead.

I thought the performances across the board were fairly solid with Judith O’Dea and Duncan Jones both being worthy of being singled out for praise.

Overall, a very important film at the time but one that struggles in the modern landscape.


The performances

The social commentary

It is watchable


It is goofy

The zombie make up effects aren’t very good

It has terrible pacing issues

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2 thoughts on “Night Of The Living Dead: They Are Going To Get You

  1. In some ways, I can definitely agree with the pacing. It’s a rather slow film. I tend to not love this one quite as much as I do other classics of the horror genre, and I probably end up enjoying it a bit more than you do, but I can certainly see where you’re coming from.

    I’m sort of curious – if you’ve seen Plague of the Zombies (1966), how do you think that compares to this?

    Solid review.


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