Mack And Rita: Maybe Its Time To Retire


Written by Luke Barnes


A thirty year old wakes up in her seventy year old body.

How many times have we seen this before? Far, far too many that’s the answer most of us will come to. The idea of a vain and entitled girl becoming old to learn that there is more to life, is neither new nor welcome. When approached with the charm of a Freaky Friday the premise at least has a chance, but this is the furthest thing from charming.

Moreover, if this film is proof of anything it is that it is better to go out on top than to keep acting well past your prime when you have to politely poo all over your reputation and past glories by staring in schlock that makes you come across as more than a little desperate. It happened to DeNiro with Dirty Grandpa and I’d dare say this is that same moment for Diane Keaton.

The humour this film aims for comes across as try hard, and often falls into the category of going out of its way to explain/signpost a joke which as we all know kills it almost every time.

My biggest question in relation to this film is who is it for? Is it for young audiences, who likely wouldn’t know who Diane Keaton is, is it for middle age or older audiences, who may be put off by the goofy humour, or is it for Keaton die hards, who will feel some sadness at seeing her reduced to this. The question remains unanswered.

Overall, a waste of time and money.


If you are struggling to sleep this might be just the ticket.



The humour

The premise has been done much better before

There is no reason for this film to exist

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