Saving Christmas: This Is Why America Is In Decline


Written by Luke Barnes


Kirk Cameron is trying to tell you how those non-believing woke lefties are ruining Christmas.

Oh no dear reader I have done it again, I have fallen back into the burning pit of desperation that is faith cinema.

This time around the film is far more desperate than God’s Not Dead and has the central character take breaks from the film to address the audience directly, through a series of monologues, during which time he tries to lay out a dire case for how the non-believers and those who dare to have other faiths or say ‘happy holidays’ are somehow ruining the season itself.

Moreover, the central plot follows Cameron’s character who spends the runtime trying to convince his brother in law, played by the film’s director Darren Doane, that Christmas is still a Christian holiday.  My word, the thinly vailed racism is so hard to pick up on it is crazy, but if you look beneath the incredibly shallow and obvious surface there it is. Clearly the writers of this must be ardently anti-Capitalist as it is not non-believers and those of other faiths who have ruined the season but America’s rampant and sickening consumerism.  

It is films like that which indoctrinate people into believing all sorts of nonsense, and into believing that repealing abortion and birth control is a good idea and one that God would approve of. The very definition of American entitlement, screaming their religious views at you whilst telling you that you are the problem. This is why America as a country is sinking further into the abyss.

Overall, the only good thing about this film is that it has some good laughs in stall for anyone foolhardy enough to watch it.   


It is laughably bad


It highlights some of the very worst aspects of American society

It is smug, entitled and insufferable in equal measure

It loses its own point

Kirk Cameron needs to get a new hobby

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