Pitch Perfect: When They Give Up On The Pretense That Adult Actors Are Uni Students


Written by Luke Barnes


A group of people, who are far too old to call themselves students, gather together for a university  acapella tournament.

I may be alone in my belief, but I actually think that the Pitch Perfect films get better with each subsequent instalment, that is to say that when they get sillier and more out there I enjoy them more. As such I found this university set competition all too familiar and boring. What I wouldn’t have given for a boat chase or a global romance arc.

My main issue with this film is that it has been done before and feels far too similar to its predecessors, there is no drama or stakes as we all know where it is going. Moreover, rather than feel like characters each of the girls in the main group just feel like different stereotypes and cliches stitched together by an algorithm.

Furthermore, the villain of the piece, if you can call him that, Bumper Allen, played by Adam DeVine, is as paper thin as you can get. Moreover, the plot just abandons him when it realises it doesn’t need him anymore which makes no sense and reeks of convenient  writing. Usually DeVine can save a project but this isn’t his day at all.

Overall, a weak start to the franchise.


The songs

Anna Kendrick is a serviceable lead  

The pacing



Most of the characters are cliched

It feels far too familiar

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