Dog: The Scars Of War On Man And Dog


Written by Luke Barnes


An army vet, played by Channing Tatum, is tasked with taking a service dog cross country to its former handlers funeral.

In many ways this film was Channing Tatum’s big return to the silver screen in a major role and in his returning he has reminded us all why we liked him so much to begin with. Throughout this film Tatum is charming and relatable at every turn and you really buy into his character’s struggles with PTSD. Moreover, you not only buy into but become invested in the relationship between him and the dog.

I thought the film was a sweet tale of lost people, friendship and starting over. The heart of the film was always in the completely correct place and the emotional payoff hits you like a ton of bricks, if you are a dog person I think it will be impossible to watch this film without crying, I myself am more of a cat person but even I was feeling emotional.

My only issue with the film was that it suffered from a few pacing issues and I thought some of the asides and side stories it featured did nothing to advance the plot in any meaningful way.

Overall, a sweet film about a man and his dog. Welcome back Channing.



The emotions

How it handles service and the effects of PTSD

The ending


Pacing issues

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