Studio 666: Sadly This Isn’t A Breakout But Is More Of A Horror Pretender


Written by Luke Barnes


The Foo Fighters, playing themselves, begin recording an album in a haunted studio,  hijinks ensue.

Now I will preface this coming review by saying I am a big Foo Fighters fan and have been for many years, but even coming from that sort of place this film didn’t do much for me.

My main issue with this film was that it just didn’t work, it had no real reason to exist and didn’t bring either scares or laughs to the table. In the latter regard, the film was both trying too hard to be edgy whilst at the same time also being incredibly tame. It approaches self-parody at times, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that this was deliberate, but even then it didn’t go far enough to sell it.

In terms of the scares this film was nothing new some gross out stuff and a gradual growing possession arc, mixed with a few jump scares. Not only was I not scared I was often quite close to approaching boredom whilst watching this film.

Finally, the Foos themselves just aren’t good actors, and though Grohl has been in other films before he never rises above average. It is painfully clear throughout the film that they are all trying to act but failing to do so.

Overall, this film really could have been something but as it stands it isn’t much of anything.


It is watchable

There is some charm here

If you are a big fan of the band there are some neat references and nods to enjoy


The comedy doesn’t land

Neither do the scares

The acting is poor   

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