Ted K: Sharlto Copley Does It Again


Written by Luke Barnes


The plot details the life of the Unabomber, here played by Sharlto Copley, shortly before his capture.

I was quite mixed on this film. On the one hand Copley is magnetic, as he nearly always is, and does a remarkable turn as Kaczynski falling entirely into the character. However, on the other hand the film spends far too long trying to develop out art house elements and surreal sequences that neither fit the format of the film nor add anything to it.

These art house elements also end up slowing the film down a lot and lead to it having pacing issues. There are vast parts of this film where everything moves along nicely and you are engaged and then it hits you with an abstract trippy scene which takes you out of the film and slows it down a lot.

I enjoyed the ending of the film and thought that it felt suitably big and impactful and the final shot showing the prison that Kaczynski resides in achieved the chilling effect it was going for.

Overall, a good true crime biopic however it could have been better.



The tension

The ending


The art house elements

Pacing issues.

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2 thoughts on “Ted K: Sharlto Copley Does It Again

    1. It’s very true Copley is the best thing about it and he has done a ton of good films since District 9, really whenever he is cast in a film it leads to good things. He makes this film worth the watch.

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