Fun With Dick And Jane: The Struggles Of The Middle Class


Written by Luke Barnes


When husband and wife duo, played by Jim Carrey and Téa Leoni, both find themselves unemployed and with the wolves at the door they take to committing a series of robberies to keep the lights on.

There is some fun to be had here, let it not be said that this film is entirely without charm or entertainment. However, I definitely think it is in the lower end of Carrey’s filmography, as he is strangely dialled back here and doesn’t ever go as fully wild as we would expect him to. Leoni fairs far better and her character is the more complete of the two, she also has more funny jokes than Carrey which is another red flag.

Though I enjoyed the earlier heists, as they wore silly costumes and the focus was far more on jokes than anything else, I thought as things progressed the heists got more and more boring. To that effect, the final heist where they try and steal from Carrey’s characters old boss, played by Alec Baldwin, just comes across as dull. Baldwin doesn’t make for a very interesting villain and the whole plotline between the two feels incredibly dated, as such this makes it hard to care about the ending which in turn damages the film as a whole.

Overall, not terrible, but not great either. Middling Carrey.



A few funny jokes early on

It is watchable


Carrey is off form


It feels dated

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