Meet The Fockers: One For The Family


Written by Luke Barnes


After meeting her parents, now it’s time for them to meet his.

In some respects I thought this was better than the first film but in other ways it was worse. As a sequel I would say it finds it hard to progress beyond what the first film did and instead doubles down on it, this is both a blessing and a curse.

In regard to what I enjoyed I thought the new parents played by Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand both added a lot to this film, heart and laughs respectively. Moreover, I thought the ending of this film was more fun than the last and felt less cliched.

The comedy was something of a mixed bag for me, as I did find myself laughing harder when there was a joke that resonated with me, but I also found myself laughing less than I did in the previous film. I appreciated the fact that the comedy of this film was far less cringe than that of its predecessor.

Regarding what I didn’t like, I found this film went too far with DeNiro’s character making him too over the top and ridiculous. The narrative of this film implies the character learnt nothing from the first film and continues to distrust Greg, played by Ben Stiller, which makes no sense. Moreover, the means by which he tries to prove that Greg is a bad guy are way more sinister than they were in the first film which makes the character far more unlikeable. I can see why the film chose to take this character in this over the top direction yet I am left to question did no one see this as an issue at the time?

Overall, two steps forward one step back.


Hoffman and Streisand

A few good jokes

The ending is a lot better



The funny jokes were few and far between   

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