Sundown: Tim Roth In All His Topless Glory


Written by Luke Barnes


A rich man, played by Tim Roth, deliberately stays behind, abroad, after his family holiday is suddenly called off so that he can enjoy single life.

This one will be a hard one for a lot of people to get into, it is doing something quite specific and it doesn’t go where you are expecting it to. Often the pace and the way the film is structured can also be quite off putting as it is slow and at times seemingly random. When the narrative reveal comes late into the film that explains why Roth’s character is doing what he is doing it both allows you to understand the film but also depresses you at the same time. The ending is a real downer.

The only reason this film gets half marks from me is because Tim Roth manages to make what would otherwise be quite a boring and sad film somewhat watchable. Roth seems to be having fun and that translates into you having a bit as well, this film truly owes a debt to Roth as without him it would be scoring much lower.

Overall, certainly not for all, only people with a certain disposition will enjoy this.



It doesn’t go where you expect it to

It is watchable


The pacing

The ending

It is dull

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