Meet The Parents: Cats Do The Darnedest Things


Written by Luke Barnes


A young male nurse, played by Ben Stiller, meets his partner’s, played by Teri Polo, parents. Trouble ensues.

To some this film is a classic comedy, and whilst there are some solid and memorable gags, there are also some incredibly painful jokes that make you cringe so hard you almost turn the film off.

This film really is the origin story of Robert DeNiro as a comedy actor and he actually manages to be quite funny here. A lot of the jokes centre around misunderstandings and issues that he has with Ben Stiller’s character, but of the two he probably steals the show the most. Stiller has the everyman factor but DeNiro has the charm.

In terms of narrative this film is very, very familiar to the point of cliché. The plot beats head exactly where you think they will go, and the ending feels not only expected but also overly sentimental. I think with regard to the wider tone of the film, the sentimentality comes across as a little bit convenient and forced in.

Overall, a comedy film that has its moments but doesn’t fully hold up.


Robert DeNiro

A few funny moments

Owen Wilson


Ben Stiller tries his best but a lot of his jokes don’t land

Overly sentimental  

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